Friday, February 12, 2010

Hope and Opportunity: A Letter From Farouk Shami To You

Dear Supporter,

This has been a very important week for our campaign. We began with the gubernatorial debate in Dallas and I will end the week Saturday in Lubbock. It has been a whirlwind week.

Throughout the week as I traveled across our state to San Antonio, Odessa, San Marcos and other places, I met voters who had heard about my plans to create 100,000 jobs and slash electricity bills from the debate. Do you know what they said to me? They told me they couldn't understand why the media was saying that these ideas would not work--they had been to and read how these bold visions can easily become a reality for Texas.

Evidently, the media didn't do their homework. It is hard to explain, in one minute, how I'll create 100,000 jobs in Texas in two years, but I have explained it many times as I've traveled around our wonderful state. It is difficult to distill into a one minute soundbite how I will work as your governor to slash electricity bills to help many Texans actually have free electricity in ten years. But, I've explained this many times to many voters from Galveston to El Paso. It is even on our website!

Do you know what impressed me the most? Voters remembered, and voters knew. Voters did their homework where the media did not.

The media and the establishment will always say that a bold, new idea like those our campaign has been bringing forward will not work or find a way to discredit it--just like people said manned space flight, computers, cellular phones, and even the Internet would not work. Yet today, we have a space program, computers, cell phones, and the Internet.

You know what? I am used to it.  When I developed an allergy to chemicals while working as a hairdresser, people told me I'd never find a way to do it differently. I did. I did it because I am determined to overcome challenges. I have faced many challenges in my life. The fact that the media and the establishment say I cannot do what our campaign is promising to do is simply another challenge to overcome.

With your help, we will overcome that challenge. Let's do it together. Early voting starts on Tuesday. I encourage each of you to vote early and vote for our campaign of new ideas, new jobs, and a new hope for Texas. To find your early polling place, please call 1-800-999-6475 after 9 a.m. this Tuesday and our team will help you.

I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail!

In Unity,

Farouk Shami
PS: Send FAROUK to 77007 for cell phone updates from my campaign!

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