Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Farouk Shami speaks at Bay Ridge Christian Junior College in Kendleton, Texas

On Tuesday, December 22, Farouk Shami was a guest speaker at Bay Ridge Christian College at a forum for residents of Kendleton, Texas. Dr. Standford Simmons, who is the president of Bay Ridge College, welcomed the Democratic gubernatorial candidate as well as Kendleton's Mayor Darryl Humphrey. Shami shared his platform and fielded questions from the audience.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Farouk Shami files the necessary paperwork to be the Democratic Party’s nominee for governor in 2010.

On December 15, Gubernatorial Democratic Candidate Farouk Shami filed the necessary paperwork to be the Democratic Party’s nominee for governor in 2010. The filing took place at the Texas Democratic Party Headquarters in Austin, Texas and was followed by a press conference.

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Farouk Shami files paperwork to be the Democratic Party's nominee

Sunday, December 6, 2009



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HOUSTON-Farouk Shami, Democratic candidate for governor, issued the following statement concerning the endorsement of Hank Gilbert (D-Whitehouse), who exited the race for Texas Governor at 12:00 PM CST Friday in favor of the race for Agriculture Commissioner, and gave his endorsement to Mr. Shami:


"I am deeply honored to receive the endorsement of Hank Gilbert. Hank ran an excellent campaign and we share a remarkably similar vision for Texas. The policies Hank formulated and put forth in this race mirror many of my own ideas and beliefs and I will be carrying forward many of his ideas through the remainder of my campaign and into the Governor's office next January.

Jobs, strengthening the Texas economy, protecting our environment, improving public education, equal rights for all, and improving transportation infrastructure in our state are key to making Texas a world leader and incubator for innovation in government and industry.

The support Hank amassed in his race represents a significant portion of our party's grassroots, progressive base. I look forward to earning their support in the coming weeks and months as I continue my campaign for Governor of Texas.

I look forward to working with Hank as we lead the effort to turn Texas blue again."



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Houston Grassroots Forum hosted by Farouk Shami - Dec. 10 - SHAPE Community Center

Friday, December 4, 2009

Hank Gilbert Endorses Farouk Shami For Governor and Will Move To Ag Commissioner Race

TYLER—Hank Gilbert (D-Whitehouse) on Friday announced that he would exit the race for Texas Governor to pursue a bid for Agriculture Commissioner.

“In August when I made the decision to enter the race for Governor, it was to provide the leadership and bold ideas this state needs. At the time, I believed I was the only candidate who could win and carry a tide of Democratic victories from the state House to the courthouse,” Gilbert said.

“With recent entries into the race, it’s become clear that there are now two people seeking the support of Democrats who can continue this fight to victory and allow me to return to the race for Agriculture Commissioner,” Gilbert continued.

“One of them I’m proud to support as a friend and fellow Texan, a man who will serve the citizens of this amazing state faithfully and provide them with the leadership to overcome any challenge. It’s my honor and privilege to endorse Farouk Shami for Governor of Texas,” he concluded.

“Farouk will force the transformation of Texas into a global leader in education, renewable energy, civil rights, and transportation,” Gilbert said.

In announcing his move to the race for Agriculture Commissioner, Gilbert confirmed rumors that he had been asked to consider other spots on the ballot. “While it’s true others have asked me to explore other offices on the ballot, Agriculture Commissioner is the decision I have made as it puts me in the one other office where I know I can best serve Texans.”

As the 2006 Democratic Party nominee for Agriculture Commissioner, Gilbert garnered more votes than any other non-judicial statewide candidate on the party’s ticket.

“For me, my race for governor comes to an honorable conclusion. Today I start anew down an already familiar road into a familiar battle, and it is one I can and will win,” he said.

“The decision to seek the office of Agriculture Commissioner is mine, and no outside factors have influenced my decision. I announce this endorsement because I believe Farouk Shami can win and will breathe new life into our party and into Texas,” he said. “The policies I introduced as a gubernatorial candidate are close to my heart, and Farouk Shami concurs with what I proposed. I take comfort in the fact that the hard work I have done on transportation, LGBT issues, education, tier one universities, education funding, and energy and the environment will live on,” he noted.

“The ideas and people I fought for are the same ideas and people Farouk will fight for,” he concluded.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Farouk for Governor Campaign gives to the needy in Houston communities

On November 25, the Farouk for Governor African-American Outreach team participated in the Thanksgiving turkey give away led by Pastor Elmo Johnson of Rose of Sharon Church in the 4th Ward area.

November 26 the African-American Outreach team partnered with Bishop Prince Bryant of the Island of Hope Church in 5th Ward to feed hundreds of needy citizens.

To see more photos please visit our African-American Outreach Facebook page:

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Momentum: African-Americans from the community getting behind Farouk Shami

Momentum: The following is a picture of African-Americans from the Houston community arriving for Farouk Shami's Official Announcement on November 19. A charter bus was provided for them. Please view the entire photo album of this historic event on the official African-American Outreach Team's Facebook page. Click below!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


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November 16, 2009

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Texas Businessman Seeks Highest State Office

HOUSTON, TX – Farouk Shami, the owner of Farouk Systems, Inc. a Houston-based company which employs over 2500 people, believes that “Made in the USA” is the strongest brand in the world. As creator of the CHI and other consumer products, he has created thousands of jobs in Texas. Farouk will announce his candidacy for the office of Governor of Texas at 2:30pm on Thursday, November 19, 2009 at his CHI USA Factory, located at 880 E. Richey Road. He will be competing in the March 2, 2010 Democratic primary.

Forty-four years ago, Farouk arrived in America with little more that $71 and a willingness to achieve the American Dream. Since then, he has founded Farouk Systems, Inc., the company responsible for the world-renowned brands BioSilk and CHI, which are currently sold in 106 countries. His company employs in excess of 2500 Americans and has drastically changed the way in which hair products are made and sold in the United States. In addition to being a successful businessman, Farouk is also a noted philanthropist, inventor, and community leader.

“I’m a doer and not a talker,” Farouk said, “and I am 100 percent sure I will be the next governor of Texas.”

Farouk’s candidacy is driven by a desire to help Texas achieve premier status in education, economic development, and environmental preservation. As governor, Farouk will help jump start the economy, create good paying jobs, improve our schools and provide affordable health care. He refuses to accept a penny from special interest money, so he can always put the peoples’ interest first and can shake up the political status quo in Austin.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Farouk Shami Speaks at Houston Worksource Job Fair: "We must bring jobs back to Texas"

Three days before officially announcing his candidacy for Governor of Texas, Farouk Shami spoke to multiple audiences during the Houston Worksource Job Fair on November 16, 2009.

"We must bring jobs back to Texas," said Shami, to a thunderous applause.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Join us November 19 as Farouk Shami officially announces his candidacy for Governor of Texas!

Do you want to volunteer for his campaign? Visit Farouk For Governor Volunteer Sign-Up or call 832-255-5200

Welcome to the Official Blog for the African-American Outreach Team for Farouk Shami! Your next governor!

We are excited! This will be one of many online areas where you will be able to find out more information about the African-American Outreach Team for the campaign of Farouk Shami.

We want you to join us! Call 832-255-5600 to find out more information or email us at:

You may ask, who is Farouk Shami? Read below and get involved:

Things in Texas are heading in the wrong direction. The cost of health care and health insurance is out of control, too many jobs are being shipped abroad, the quality of basic public education is falling, and our air, land and water are under constant threat from polluters. We simply can’t settle for more business as usual.

Farouk Shami is a self-made businessman from Houston. He came to America 44 years ago with $71 in his pocket and achieved the American dream. He’s built a company based in Houston that has created thousands of jobs in Texas, including 1,200 new manufacturing jobs from a plant he closed in China so he could bring those jobs to America.

Farouk is a proud Texan who is running for Governor to help jumpstart the economy, create good paying jobs, improve our schools and provide affordable health care for all. He refuses to accept a penny from special interest money, so he can always put the peoples’ interest first and can shake up the old politics in Austin.

Farouk Shami…The day he becomes Governor is the day business as usual ends in Texas.