Friday, November 13, 2009

Welcome to the Official Blog for the African-American Outreach Team for Farouk Shami! Your next governor!

We are excited! This will be one of many online areas where you will be able to find out more information about the African-American Outreach Team for the campaign of Farouk Shami.

We want you to join us! Call 832-255-5600 to find out more information or email us at:

You may ask, who is Farouk Shami? Read below and get involved:

Things in Texas are heading in the wrong direction. The cost of health care and health insurance is out of control, too many jobs are being shipped abroad, the quality of basic public education is falling, and our air, land and water are under constant threat from polluters. We simply can’t settle for more business as usual.

Farouk Shami is a self-made businessman from Houston. He came to America 44 years ago with $71 in his pocket and achieved the American dream. He’s built a company based in Houston that has created thousands of jobs in Texas, including 1,200 new manufacturing jobs from a plant he closed in China so he could bring those jobs to America.

Farouk is a proud Texan who is running for Governor to help jumpstart the economy, create good paying jobs, improve our schools and provide affordable health care for all. He refuses to accept a penny from special interest money, so he can always put the peoples’ interest first and can shake up the old politics in Austin.

Farouk Shami…The day he becomes Governor is the day business as usual ends in Texas.

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